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Wua-k-mole is the fusion of ideas through the experience of our chef Diego Villa who, with more than 15 years of experience in gastronomy in different parts of the world, is now committed to Latin American food that is booming and increasingly close to the most important cuisines in the world.Our traditional concept, as our mothers did with all the affection and love, guarantee the enjoyment of all.

Whether in the restaurant, on the street or at home, you can enjoy our exquisite food because we take it to wherever you are!We adapt to the needs and

global changes that have taken place.

for that reason if you do not want to go out, order take away and you will have your food as if you had a chef at home.

here are some of the basic words you will need to know when traveling to our little Latin america

Most countries in Latin America have a different

word for friend or bro:

Cuate or Wey in Mexico

Parce in Colombia

Pana in Ecuador and Venezuela

Pata/Causa in Peru

Cumpa in Bolivia

Maje in El Salvador

Fren in Panama

Mae in Costa Rica and Honduras

Weon/Weona in Chile

Kape in Paraguay

Boludo in Argentina

Bacán / Bacano:

This is a more common way to say something is nice or cool in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile. 


This is very popular in Colombia and Venezuela, it’s used to describe something as nice or cool. Ask a Venezuelan “How are you doing,” and they may say “Chévere.”

Chido / Qué padre!

If you are talking to a mexican, you’ll probably hear this a lot! It is the mexican way to say that something is cool or nice.

Carne mechá

Slow cooked, shredded beef that takes on incredible flavor of the spices it is cooked with. This you will hear it in Venezuela and Colombia!


A very important part in Colombian cuisine. Seasoning sauce traditionally made with only long green onions, coriander and tomatoes.


The direct translation of this word is to suck, but it is used more commonly as an informal way to say drink or chug alcohol. You’ll hear this chanted at parties in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

Tono / Carrete / Rumba / Parranda / Arranque / Farra

Now, you need to learn how to invite your friends to a party — or I should say to a Tono in Peru, Carrete in Chile, Rumbaor Parranda in Colombia and Venezuela, Arranque in Panama, and Farra in Ecuador.

Pa chuparse los dedos!

No matter where you are in Latin America, everyone will understand this one!

This frase literally means "to lick your fingers", it refers to very delicious food, so when you come to Wuakmole and try out our dishes, you will say:

"This food está pa chuparse los dedos!".

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