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welcome to our little piece of   latin america

El taco

The arepa is a pre-Columbian dish from the area that is now Venezuela, Panamá and Colombia.

Our corn cake or corn bread can be filled with numerous ingredients from all types of meat to just our

Colombian tomato sauce (hogao)! 


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What fun it is when food can be interpreted and enjoyed in so many different ways!

Just change the filling or topping and enjoy something new and exciting every time!

We all know the Tacos!

Our most famous snack,

a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a small hand-sized corn tortilla topped with a filling. A very simple explanation  but tacos are nothing more than an explosion of flavours!


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Patacones or Tostones

are twice-fried flattened green plantain pieces commonly found in Latin American and Caribbean cuisine.

The Toppings for the Patacón please everyone equally!

From meat lovers, fish and seafood addicts, vegetarians or vegans!


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el taco

el patacón pisao

la arepa sexy

Nachos enwuakmolados




A little bit of beautiful Mexico, of Colombia beloved land, of the land of Simón Bolívar Venezuela, of the vibrant Peru, all this in one place, combining the best regional ingredients, the best cuisine with Latin flavors, adapted to please all palates

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